Setting themselves apart at Windsor’s comic book Syndicon

Constance Xiong
By Constance Xiong April 7, 2017 12:54

More than 1,000 comic book fans from Ontario, Michigan and as far away as New Jersey attended the 3rd Annual Comic Book SyndiCon in Windsor.

The event was organized by the Comic Book Syndicate and held April 2 at the St. Clair Centre for Arts.

Coordinator Jolie Inthavong said this year had some special panels. The creator of Transformers, Bob Budiansky, was the featured guest. It also had a wider variety of comic books than last year and workshops.

The convention featured more than 80 comic book writers, artists and vendors from Ontario, Michigan and New Jersey. The convention floor was filled with comic books, toys and video games.

“Instead of just having a professional come where you can meet and greet with them, we also have delivery panels,” said Inthavong. “You can learn how to create podcasts, how to build full gowns for cosplay, how to build your brand and how to get your script sold in a market with millions of people who are trying to do the same things as you.”

There were also several activities including live sketching and animation demos. Children and adults who were dressed up in colourful character costumes could try out cosplay face art.

Bryce Mccloskey, a volunteer who was monitoring the room for wristbands, helped out for the second year in a row.

“Because I’m huge fan of comic books, this gives me a chance to contact some excellent comic artists,” said Mccloskey. “Also, I’m talking with a few of the cosplayers and staff here, so it’s exciting, right?”

The SyndiCon brings pop culture to locals. The goal of the event is to get better year after year.

Constance Xiong
By Constance Xiong April 7, 2017 12:54

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