OKNO, an original production

Amos Johnson
By Amos Johnson December 1, 2017 12:30

Niki Richardson, left, Barbara Donovan, right, rehearsing at the Atelier Virginianne in Windsor, Ontario (Photo By Jeremy Burke).

By Amos Johnson

Members of Ghost Light Players, the award-winning theatre organization, continue their all-Canadian season with Michael J. Krym’s original story, OKNO.

OKNO is the story of a family living in Warsaw, Poland, who struggle to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of their daughter, Ola. Her parents, Adem and Evelyna, along with her older brother, Aleks, begin to realize the facts surrounding Ola’s disappearance are far from normal.

“This is an original script that has never been performed before and has been given to us to really give it its final shape,” said director Jeffery Bastien, 41, who also plays Adem.

The script is written by Windsorite, Michael J. Krym, who is also the assistant director of the play. Krym has won awards from the LA Action Film Festival and has several projects on the go, including a podcast and two movies.

Kitu Turcas is 21 and plays Aleks. He said the first scene will instantly attract the audience’s attention.

“I think the first scene is really captivating because we really see the family completely disconnected and that kind of sets the mood,” said Turcas.

“Once you see this family actually talking to each other, you really see how disconnected they were. Even though a family might be present in the room, they might not actually be present with each other.”

OKNO was their final show for the year and was performed throughout the month of November at the Atelier Virginianne at 1078 Drouillard Rd.

“I like that [the play] deals with this person (Ola) who people call crazy and who people say is not normal,” said Barbara Donovan, 23, who plays Ola.

“It’s important as a society to question how we see other people that we don’t immediately connect with.”

Amos Johnson
By Amos Johnson December 1, 2017 12:30

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