Windsor Spitfires remember captain Mickey Renaud

Todd Shearon
By Todd Shearon February 12, 2018 13:47

Mickey Renaud wearing his Calgary Flames jersey after being drafted 143rd overall in the 2007 NHL draft. Photo courtesy of

By Todd Shearon

The Windsor Spitfires are used to winning Memorial Cup championships, but they are also familiar with great loss.

It has been ten years since former Windsor Spitfires captain Mickey Renaud died suddenly in 2009 from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

The son of former Spitfires’ and NHL player Mark Renaud will be forever known as the team’s “captain forever” and is annually remembered during a game scheduled on the date of his passing. Mickey Renaud was the 143rd overall draft pick of the Calgary Flames.

Dave Ducharme, coordinator of community and media relations for the Spitfires, said the administration wants to “honour Mickey’s legacy every year regardless of how long it’s been since we lost him. Especially in a world where time goes by so fast.”

Ducharme said Renaud was “adored.”

“To be without him for ten years, I think it’s still heartbreaking for a lot of people.”

The OHL pays homage to Renaud each year by honouring one team captain with the Mickey Renaud Captain’s trophy.

The OHL introduced the trophy during the 2009 OHL All-Star Classic at Windsor’s WFCU Centre.

The award is given to the OHL team captain who best exemplifies leadership on and off the ice. Requirements also include “a passion and dedication to the game of hockey and his community,” according to the OHL website. These were qualities that Renaud exemplified throughout his OHL career.

“This is our very heart, soul and essence of every Spitfires player past, present and future,” said Justin Artale, WFCU security and arena operations member. “Mickey would give the shirt off his back if you needed it.”

Artale said it is important to celebrate Mickey’s life and carry on his legacy.

The 10th annual Mickey Renaud memorial game will be taking place on Feb. 18 at 2 p.m. Five dollars from every ticket sold to this year’s memorial game will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Todd Shearon
By Todd Shearon February 12, 2018 13:47

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