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Christian Bouchard
By Christian Bouchard April 15, 2016 23:49

By Christian Bouchard

Over the past couple years the sports world has seen some of the greatest call it a career. We have been left with fond memories thanks to guys such as Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant and Mariano Rivera. Unfortunately, like all things that are great, there is always an ending. This is the case here at the Converged Citizen.

For the past seven months I have had the absolute privilege of being the co-sports editor for arguably one of the best sport sections in the city. Much like the athletes listed above, the success of this paper was not achieved on our own.

The connection between a shortstop and a second baseman should be flawless in order to turn double plays at the professional level. Derek Jeter has turned 1,408 double plays in his 20-year career with the New York Yankees. The connection Jeter had with his middle infielders proved to be a large part of his success. My co-sports editor Jordan Caschera has truly been the shortstop needed to help guide the success of this paper. After countless hours of planning events to cover and writing stories on local legends, we have reached our goals. From the bottom of my heart, I look forward to taking the sports world by storm with you.

To this day, Kobe Bryant credits his coach Phil Jackson for much of his success, stating the fundamentals of the game have consistently been drilled into his mind. Every athlete needs a mentor to help guide them in the right direction. Although they are the ones coaching, they are constantly taught by the players as well. This year I have been honoured to mentor several excellent writers. Todd Shearon is one of many who have taught me how to be an editor, writer and friend. Despite being the one doing the mentoring, I have realized it has truly been the other way around the entire time. From day one Todd has consistently been helping me grow as a writer and person. Whether he knows it or not, he has been a huge source of inspiration this year. Every time the odds were stacked against me, it was Todd who reminded me “be so good they can’t forget you.” Thank you Mr. Shearon.

There is also the greatest closing pitcher in baseball history, Mariano Rivera. His level of error was virtually invisible. Every time he was called upon to clean up a mess or preserve a lead, he was the man who got it done. A teacher, professor and mentor. Veronique Mandal, in many ways, has been the Mariano Rivera of this team. She has taught the importance of always being fair and balanced while staying factual. For the entirety of my time here at the Converged Citizen, we have strived to make these the most important ingredients of success.  Vero, you have always believed in our abilities to grow as journalists. It is because of you the Converged Citizen has become a newspaper I will forever keep close to my heart. Thank you for your greatest gift of all – your time and attention. Words cannot express how thankful we are to you for believing in us.

Finally, Peyton Manning has thrown for 539 touchdowns in his NFL career. Time after time his teammates would literally and figuratively watch his back and protect him while he did his job. In many ways, the MediaPlex has been my offensive line. The journalists have become a second family whose members have continuously shown me support and have watched over me as I attempt to turn my dreams into reality. I now pass the torch to Garrett Fodor and Ryan Blevins. There is no question in my mind they will continue to improve the Converged Citizen as a whole. With more than 50 students, it is difficult thanking you all individually. But for all the laughter, reassurance, motivation, kindness, respect, courtesy and love, I thank you all.

To my MediaPlex family, I thank you for being my blindside.

Christian Bouchard
By Christian Bouchard April 15, 2016 23:49

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