A letter from the managing editor

The MediaPlex
By The MediaPlex April 12, 2013 12:12

A letter from the managing editor

As we grow older our perception of time changes. As children time seems to crawl as we wait for our chance to be adults. As adults years seem to tick by at the blink of an eye. This year was no exception as we close the doors on another successful edition of The Converged Citizen.

As Co-managing Editor, along with the team, we are filled with a great sense of happiness and accomplishment. Countless hours have been put into the last year here at the MediaPlex and it seems over all too soon. Together we created not just a weekly paper, but weekly live news broadcasts and pioneered a radio show.

However, while this day marks the reflection of accomplishments, it also highlights the end of a journey, and we are filled with a deep sense of sadness and anxiety. The future holds many possibilities. The MediaPlex has become a fraternity, a second home to all of us. It is hard to leave after so little time together.

More than happiness, relief, hope, fear or sadness, there is gratitude and a list of people we would like to thank for this incredible year.

To John Strasser, Patti France, Lorna McCormack and the rest of administration at St. Clair College, you have provided us with an environment we can thrive in as well as the tools to produce the best content we can. Thank you for the opportunities some schools only dream of.

To members of the press and the Windsor community, thank you for dealing with us. While we are all talented we still have much to learn. You provide us the opportunities to make ourselves better while gaining real world experience, experience we cannot find in a traditional classroom.

To all of the professors we’ve had the privilege of learning with. Thank you for your every flowing cup of care. You’ve given us the tools to succeed and the knowledge that only comes from your own experiences, wisdom, and guidance.

A very special thank you goes out to you, the reader. Without you there is no point to producing the paper. Your support carries us through on our toughest weeks and as young journalists it’s nice to know complete strangers appreciate our work.

Finally, to the editing team, you make up the nucleus of our group. Without you guys, we wouldn’t have a place to showcase our craft. To the remainder of the class, thank you all, both first and second year students, for contributing week in and week out. You’ve helped us build a legacy, a news vehicle that will hopefully one day be on every coffee table in the city.

In closing, we would like to leave you with some words of advice.

Don’t just get involved, but fight for your seat at the table. Better yet, fight for your seat at the head of the table. Believe in yourselves, dream, try, fall down, and make a glorious mess of things. Don’t forget to break something occasionally. Remember that the story is never over.

Thank you for an unforgettable year,

The Converged Citizen

The MediaPlex
By The MediaPlex April 12, 2013 12:12

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