Adding the spice of care at Walkerville Brewery

Bernard De Vaal
By Bernard De Vaal December 4, 2017 14:15

By Bernard de Vaal

The Spiced Mocha Porter is a limited edition from Walkerville Brewery. One Dollar of each unit sold will got to the charity, Street Help.

Walkerville Brewery is spicing up the holidays with two sentimental favorites – coffee and beer – combined into one limited series drink they like to call Spiced Mocha Porter.

The brewery uncapped its new brew in support of Street Help this past Saturday, Dec. 2, during its annual Holiday Extravaganza.

The Spiced Mocha Porter is a collaborative effort with Anchor Coffee, another Walkerville business.

“We got a lot of great response this evening from it. One person said the beer doesn’t overpower the coffee, the coffee doesn’t overpower the beer,” said Mike Brkovich, co-owner of Walkerville Brewery. “We’re really happy selling it over the holiday season.”

A capacity crowd was entertained with arts and crafts, live music including carolers, food, beer and, of course, the big man himself, Kris Kringle.

Dartis Willis, co-owner of the Windsor Express, was in the crowd. He sees himself as a beer aficionado and he approves of the spicy coffee-beer blend.

“I’m a big beer drinker so I’m pretty critical. They’ve done a fantastic job of putting both love as well as flavor into a beer and it shows,” said Willis.

Ryan Nantais, a barista from Anchor Coffee shared the secret of how to fix that perfect cup of holiday ‘joe.’

“Get fresh roasted coffee and grind it fresh, right before you brew that coffee.”

The brewery will give one dollar of each unit sold to Street Help.

Anthony Nelson, a volunteer at the charity who prepares food for the homeless, was on hand to tell people about its projects.

“We want to make sure that people come by Street Help. Donate someone a sleeping bag. Donate some clothes. A cash donation,” he said. “We just want people to recognize what Street Help is about. We are here to help the homeless.”

The Spiced Mocha Porter has limited stock, so if you’re interested, get over to Walkerville Brewery soon. And they’d love it if you would support a great cause too.

Bernard De Vaal
By Bernard De Vaal December 4, 2017 14:15

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