Adult mindfulness course

christina chibani
By christina chibani April 9, 2018 09:10

Adults have a chance to explore different kinds of mindfulness skills thanks to a local education centre.

The six-week course at the Head of the Class in Windsor starts off with a beginner class called Mindful Me Adult, which allows adults to get an understanding of what the course is about. The classes start with a brief introduction of what will be taking place for each half-hour class, a breathing exercise to get rid of any negative energy such as stress from work or traffic, two active practices and a take-home package that allows adults to practice mindfulness outside the class.

Julie Fader is the director and teacher for the Mindfulness Adult program and has been teaching techniques for the past five years to both adults and kids.

Fader said mindfulness is an approach to life, not a meditation or religious belief. It is an approach to living in the moment. Adults tend to live in their heads and their thoughts, losing out on present moments.

“It is a focus on attention regulation. As a teacher my perspective is to teach people how to focus on the moment,” said Fader.

Fader started practicing mindful approaches when she was 14 years old and said it has changed her life.

The class is based on scientific research of mindful approaches to well-being, physical and mental health.

“Everything we do in class is an approach to something positive,” said Fader.

Each adult mindfulness class contains three to five adults, which helps Fader to cater to students and focus on each individual’s needs.

Connie Kvarfordt is a social work professor at the University of Windsor and has done studies on mindfulness.

Mindfulness approaches come from Buddhist philosophy. Different techniques work with the mind to release stress and to better live in the moment which is important for adults who suffer from mental health issues due to overthinking, or depression due to not living in the moment because they are so in-tune with their past and future thoughts said Kvarfordt.

One technique uses the senses to focus on the present and details on the little things in life, such as, listening more, eating and walking.

Other techniques used to help release stress are focusing on the attitude of letting go and always striving for more. Mindfulness teaches a person to realize the situation they are in is good enough and does not need excess thinking.

“Using all the senses we have at any given moment and just focusing on that one thing we are currently doing is the key,” said Kvarfordt.

With the help of books and classes, adults can find a new way of dealing with mental health. An online version of the class is in the works which will allow busy adults to work around their schedule and time.

christina chibani
By christina chibani April 9, 2018 09:10

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