Alcohol could be an option at Adventure Bay

christina chibani
By christina chibani February 17, 2017 11:59

By Christina Chibani


Windsor’s Adventure Bay is entertaining the idea of selling alcohol.
A request for a proposal to operate the concession services serving wine and beer at Adventure Bay was brought to Windsor City Council. The process of submissions is in review to determine whether alcohol can be sold. The proposal for selling alcohol is a process based on requests from the board members of Adventure Bay and by reporting back to city council for guidance in moving forward on the issue.
Jen Knights, manager at Adventure Bay and WIATC, said selling alcohol would be a way of providing different opportunities for the community, especially for guests who come from outside Windsor, on vacation.
“It is one of the ways we are looking to provide opportunities for more of an experience to people,” said Knights. “Giving guests the option to have a drink while their kids are at Adventure Bay or on vacation with their families is one way to make the destination more attractive.”
Selling alcohol at a family recreation centre raises questions and concerns for those who may not like the idea.
“There are people who do not like the idea of alcohol being sold at a family place, and might not want to take their children,” said council member Irek Kusmierczyk. “City council should first consult with families who are regular users of Adventure Bay to find out if selling alcohol is the right choice and appropriate. Selling alcohol might do more harm than good.”
Nathan Hesman is a lifeguard at Adventure Bay. He thinks alcohol might bring more risk and responsibility to the employees who work there.
“From a perspective as a lifeguard, dealing with different situations, you want people to respond well. With people drinking, there is a chance people may not be listening effectively,” said Hesman.
If alcohol will be sold, there will be certain precautions in place to make sure people do not over drink or drink and swim.
A report will go back to city council this spring to begin the process of selling alcohol at Adventure Bay.

christina chibani
By christina chibani February 17, 2017 11:59

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