Alumni Night Done Right

Jessie Larouche
By Jessie Larouche November 24, 2023 11:50

Alumni Night Done Right

Basketball, admission and hot dogs on the house, what could make a night better? How about adding the home team St. Clair sweeping rival Humber Hawks to the mix.  

The Saints hosted their annual alumni night on Nov. 17 and filled the SportsPlex for their men’s and women’s basketball teams, just a week after turning Fanshawe’s gym green with St. Clair Students. 

“St. Clair fans are phenomenal,” said women’s Head Coach Andy Kiss. “This entire college, it’s like having a sixth player out there.” 

With the support from St. Clair fans making every game feel like a home game, the women’s and men’s teams are on a roll. Both teams remain undefeated after their wins on Friday night and sit at the top of the standings. 

Throughout the night of high level basketball play, there was one player who made the crowd stand on their feet. Andrew Loyuk was dishing out behind the back passes and knocking down three pointers in his 24 point performance.  

“I was just playing basketball, you know,” said Loyuk. “It was a close game. I was just scoring points and doing whatever I could to help the team win.” 

Among the fans cheering, you could find numerous current students and alumni including former players. 

“Look, at the end of the day it’s all family,” said Jalen Harmon, former Saints Athlete of the Year. “It’s about coming out here and showing some love.” 

St. Clair is coming off a season where its men’s team won the OCAA championship on their homecourt and with how their season is going this year, expectations are even higher. 

“We want nationals,” said Loyuk. “The OCAA is nice but we want that national championship.” 

Assistant coach and St. Clair alumni Christian Seguin believes there’s a certain thing that separates the Saints and their fans from the rest. 

“I’m proud to say that I’ve graduated from this school twice,” said Seguin. “You saw that tonight was alumni night and the crowd was packed, because people are proud to be a part of this school.” 

With such a good turnout for this year’s alumni night, it’s exciting to see what St. Clair has in store for next year. 


Jessie Larouche
By Jessie Larouche November 24, 2023 11:50

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