Alzheimer’s Society raises money by laughing

Amy Bao
By Amy Bao February 2, 2018 09:43

By Meng Bao

The third annual “LOL-A-THON” was held by the Alzheimer Society of Windsor and Essex and presented by Seasons Retirement Community on Saturday Jan. 27 at Devonshire Mall.

Windsor “laugh yoga” instructor Christopher Lyons led around 30 participants from young to old in this event on the weekend.

Peggy Winch says the main reason for the event is to raise money for the Alzheimer Society in Windsor.

“It also gets the community together, young and old to participate in a sort of laughter event,” said Winch. “Laughter is great for anyone.”

The LOL-A-THON happens each year because the county decided to use laughter to heal. They have continued to recreate the event over the last few years. The participants are guided to a series of laughter activities to make people feel really good and energetic.

The Alzheimer Society hopes to raise money to add to their budget to support Windsor-Essex County local programs. The society has served people with Alzheimer’s disease since 1981.

Amy Bao
By Amy Bao February 2, 2018 09:43

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