Amherstburg residents will have a new pill in their medicine cabinet

Kush Mendiratta
By Kush Mendiratta April 28, 2018 13:58

Last week’s earthquake in Essex County had some residents wondering about the areas’
emergency response plan in case something ever went wrong at nearby American nuclear power plants.

As it would turn out, this week — as a result of an earlier ruling by the Canadian Nuclear Safety
Commission — the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit in partnership with the Town
of Amherstburg announced officials will distribute potassium iodide pills.

Source: Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Website

Starting May 7, the pills will be supplied to anyone living within a 16 km-radius of Fermi 2 — a nuclear generating station in Michigan.

Source: Windsor Essex County Health Unit Website

The KI pills block the thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine that could be released during a nuclear incident. In the unlikely event of a nuclear emergency, KI pills would help to prevent the long-term development of thyroid cancer.
Residents who live within the primary zone and on Boblo Island will receive letters this week
about picking up the pills.

Source: Twitter

“These potassium iodide pills fill the thyroid. Once the thyroid gland is filled, it then prevents any of the radioactive iodide from being absorbed by the thyroid gland,” said Bruce Montone, Fire Chief of Amhestburg.

KI pills are only to be taken if instructed by the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario.

For more information you can call 519-258- 2146.

Kush Mendiratta
By Kush Mendiratta April 28, 2018 13:58

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