Kingsville artist makes people happy, her own way

Amy Bao
By Amy Bao April 28, 2018 08:13

Kingsville artist makes people happy, her own way

By Amy Bao

There is a special painting class that people with disabilities are invited to at Community Living Essex County every month. People sit in the room and touch their brushes to the canvas with colourful pigment.

Brianne Taggart communicating with people in class. (Photo by Amy Bao)

Brianne Taggart is the Kingsville artist who has taught this class for about two years.

She draws her inspiration from wildlife and the environment, especially when working on her acrylics paintings. She started her artwork at the early age of 11 and, over the years, has been able to showcase her works in some artistic events.

“When I started painting, I was probably a teenager,” says Taggart. “But I always liked art class when I was little.”

Taggart is part of the Kingsville Art Society and has been featured in some Kingsville events such as the farmer’s market and the craft show at the Southgate Residence retirement home. A 2015 event featured Christmas cards that Community Living gave out with her painting on them.

Taggart was also profiled in 2016 for the Community Living Essex newspaper.

She intends to expand her art to different areas away from Kingsville. Her focus in the next step would be Essex and beyond this region.

“I like doing landscapes the most, and also, my favourite one I paint is a waterfall and I really like that. So, I’m good at doing landscapes, like waterfalls. I also like to sketch, and I also I like taking pictures too,” Taggart said.

Brianne Taggart is teaching painting on April 14 class (Photo by Amy Bao)

Some of the paintings that are her favourite to create are acrylics of wildlife, trees, flowers and rivers. She has done very well in her artistic journey, but that’s not the most attractive part of her life.

That’s the painting class monthly at Community Living Essex County. Taggart holds the class for people with disabilities and always makes them feel very happy when they are drawing.

She has also donated a few paintings if someone can’t afford to pay for them.

Nicole Meloche, who works for Community Living Essex County and also is a friend of Taggart, helped Taggart to run the class this past year.

Nicole Meloche. (Photo by Amy Bao)

“She is a wonderful girl,” Meloche says. “She is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. She loves to paint, and she loves to inspire others.”

The monthly class always welcomes people who with disabilities to enjoy in the art world.

Taggart is willing to spend time with people and inspire them from her own ways, just like the painting class.

Brianne Taggart is painting a flower. (Photo by Amy Bao)

“Teaching painting was one of her dream,” Meloche says. “Personally, it is also something I want Living Essex to get involved in. I think it is a good way to relax, learning new skills. So we decided one day we put together a painting class.”

More than 100 people have benefited from their work. People come to join in the class, draw a painting by their own and then take a special picture back home.

Since her arts life started, Taggart has been invited to many artistic events. The world has begun to accept her into the world of artists by making her art recognized and sold in many households.

She uses a lot amount of time on her painting. People can always see pictures of her new work that are posted on Facebook.

“Sometimes, I can do some paintings in days, and sometimes it takes a lot longer because I want it to be great, and help people, make them smile,” Taggart says. “The longest painting took me about a month.”

It was a waterfall, which is her favourite thing.

“I can’t wait to do another again,” Taggart says. “When I am painting, I feel happy.”

She says she love to use bright colours, because these make her happy and so that her painting always looks fresh and make people feel relax.

“And I like being creative,” Taggart said. “Showing my work with others is also what I like to do. And also, I like making difference. And I’m also going to teach with my friends in there sometime. I will be really excited about that.”


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Amy Bao
By Amy Bao April 28, 2018 08:13

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