Most young people not smoking

Kaitlynn Kenney
By Kaitlynn Kenney April 21, 2017 11:43

Most young people not smoking

By Kaitlynn Kenney

In an unscientific online survey, approximately 50 per cent of participants say they have smoked but do not anymore.

Results say that 83 per cent of people ranging from 18 to 24 smoke less than once a month or not at all. The survey also showed that people who did smoke started smoking as young as age nine, or even younger.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2011 about 5.8 million people smoked commercial cigarettes in Canada. In 2015 that number dropped to 5.3 million. Their statistics show that fewer people are heavy smokers today compared to a decade ago and smoking rates are falling more rapidly among teens than any other age group.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Health, people who do quit smoking altogether or gradually over time gain immediate positive signs in their health. The immediate effects include: after 20 minutes, blood pressure and pulse return to normal; after 24 hours the risk of heart attack starts to drop; and after 14 days circulation increases in the lungs. Results from the small survey also showed that people who do smoke had long-term difficulty with stamina and endurance.

Though there are many health concerns and medical studies involving cigarettes, 26-year-old Raylene Fair from Essex County said she smokes one pack per day and is not ashamed of what she calls her “bad habit.”

“I love smoking. There are so many people out there that hate that they smoke and talk about how disgusting and gross they are for doing it, but I am not one of those people,” said Fair. “It’s not that I am proud of it, but I feel like everyone has a habit they do that isn’t necessarily good for them or their bodies and something that other people will judge them for doing.”

Also found in the survey, 56 per cent of people have never vaped, but in recent years vaping has become a trend some claim is healthier than smoking cigarettes and can help you quit smoking all together. According to ASAP Science on YouTube, chemicals used in the vape liquids such as propylene glycol, which is also used in theatrical smoke, can cause eye irritation and respiratory infection.

Not much is known about vaping’s long-term impact and many studies are being done on the substances involved.

Frequent vaper Karl Hawkins, 19, from LaSalle spends $50 a month on vape liquid and said it has a positive effect on him.

“It serves as an alternative to cigarettes,” said Hawkins. “ I have no advice for quitting as I do not see a substantial threat.”

Studies are being conducted on the usage of vape pens and other vapour technology, to determine if it can be a positive alternative for people looking to stop smoking permanently.

Kaitlynn Kenney
By Kaitlynn Kenney April 21, 2017 11:43

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