Annual Grub Crawl

Kyle Rose
By Kyle Rose December 2, 2016 11:56

Annual Grub Crawl

By Kyle Rose

St. Clair College’s annual Grub Crawl made its first stop at Griff’s Cavern on Nov. 18.

The Crawl is an organized event that hosts six bars where students can go and drink unlimited alcohol, listen to music and socialize.

The event is paid for in advance and students get a special t-shirt. The first spot on the crawl usually serves the participants food which consists of light entrees as well as snacks.

The event is now in its fourth year and is gaining popularity despite the criticism it receives.

Amanda Serediuk, a bartender at Griff’s Cavern is working the event for the second time.

“I like that it is organized and people don’t have to worry about how they are getting home at the end of the night,” said Serediuk.

There is a bus that takes students from bar to bar and drops them off at a pre-determined destination.  Bryan Strahan has a daughter who was a participant in the crawl.

“I think this event is nothing but an organized drunken debauchery,” said Strahan. “It’s pointless really, but my daughter is involved.”

Susan Turkasi, one of the event organizers, is a recent graduate of St. Clair and was a heavy promoter of the event in the weeks before it started.

“It really gives the students a chance to just get loose and have a good time and not think about school for a bit,” said Turkasi. “That’s why we have it around this time just before exams which is within a few weeks.”

Griff’s Cavern, Whisky River, Foundry Pub, The Manchester, Pub Club and Bull ‘N’ Barrel all hosted students for the Grub Crawl.

According to event planners, other bars may consider joining the crawl in the future as the popularity of the event continues to grow.

 Amanda Serediuk wearing a Grub Crawl shirt. (Photo by Kyle Rose)

Amanda Serediuk wearing a Grub Crawl shirt. (Photo by Kyle Rose)

Kyle Rose
By Kyle Rose December 2, 2016 11:56

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