Another retail for the Windsor community

By Bela December 2, 2016 12:22
Kate Isley, manager at Bungalow. (Photo by Bela Antonio)

Photo by: Bela Antonio
Kate Isley, manager at Bungalow

By Bela Antonio

Maiden Lane’s newest retail neighbor is trying to corner the Windsor downtown market with edgy home décor.

Bungalow opened on Oct. 1 selling scarves, wallpaper and more. The owners also have three other businesses on Maiden Lane.

Kate Isley, Bungalow’s store manager tries to the keep the store looking as edgy as possible. Since not many people know about the store, she tries to spread the word throughout the community.

“As a home décor shop, we’re trying to give downtown residents common items that they would need,” said Isley.

Isley attended school for interior and architectural design and felt a connection towards this business.

“We have products that are from local crafters along the city, said Isley.”I’ve been fortunate to have made connections that they specialize in a certain product.”

John Ansell and Steven Thompson, owners of Bungalow, also own Squirrel Cage, A Dogs Breakfast and Buuntz & Co. Ice Cream.

Bungalow store located on Maiden Lane. (Photo by Bela Antonio)

Bungalow store located on Maiden Lane. (Photo by Bela Antonio)

By Bela December 2, 2016 12:22

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