Black Market Fest 2017

Joseph Gibel
By Joseph Gibel September 29, 2017 11:57
Flyer design by Tyson "Apex" Taylor

Flyer design by Tyson “Apex” Taylor

By Joe Gibel

From Saturday Oct. 14 to Oct. 15, The first annual Black Market Fest will take place at the Beer Exchange in Windsor Ontario for only $20 per person.

This specific festival aims to bring a full day of entertainment at an affordable price for show-goers. It features around 20 bands on two stages, bringing the best of metal, thrash, grind and power violence music to Windsor.

“I started thinking of killer grind bands and then that brought me to power-violence bands local and beyond that I knew people would dig. I wanted to include the hardcore scene and started finding bands of that style and that crosses over naturally to thrash genres so I also included them,” said Tyson “Apex” Taylor promoter for Black Market Booking.

“I included some black metal bands to try and get more people exposed to some great bands of that area of music. I’ve always been a fan of metal and technical metal so it was natural for me to include a couple bands of that neighbourhood as well.”

The fest will also feature vendors for more sub-cultures to get involved. It will welcome the vaping crowd by designating a floor vape-friendly with local e-juice makers who will be selling their products and giving samples. The entire goal of this fest is to keep the current show goers wanting to attend and to bring in new people.

“Heavy music scenes can have a distorted view from outsiders but it is such a welcoming scene and everyone really looks out for each other and lots of friendships are made,” said Taylor.

“Bring a friend and come out and experience it for yourself.”

Joseph Gibel
By Joseph Gibel September 29, 2017 11:57

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