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Alyssa Leonard
By Alyssa Leonard January 12, 2018 12:27
David Gerald working in his studio in Westland, Mich. (Photo by Alyssa Leonard)

David Gerald working in his studio in Westland, Mich. (Photo by Alyssa Leonard)

By Alyssa Leonard

Guitar strings, keyboard keys, drum beats, vocal cords.

Music sheets, mixing sounds, play, rewind, record, repeat.

This is just an average day for David Gerald as he works on his next album in his basement recording studio. That is, when he is not on stage performing at clubs and festivals across the country.

Slated for a spring 2018 release, Gerald’s new album N2U is a follow up to his first album Hell and Back, released in 2009. He writes, records, mixes and produces his studio songs on his own, including playing all the instruments and providing vocals.

“There has been a lot of different life experiences … a lot I wanted to say to the public in the new album,” said Gerald, regarding how much time has passed since his first album release.

Gerald’s interest in learning music began in middle school where he first learned to play the saxophone. From there, his love for music blossomed and he quickly began learning guitar.

“I was lucky enough to have a neighbor who was a guitarist and gave me scrap guitars. I would piece them together and build ‘Frankenstein’ guitars,” said Gerald. “They were horrible to play and sounded bad, but I had to play music. It was and is my destiny. I finally scraped up enough money to buy an old amp and I was happy.”

About 20 years ago he formed his own band, Insurrection.

Insurrection has played many bars, clubs and festivals throughout Michigan during its time, and once performed at Casino Windsor. Gerald said back then his favourite place to play was Nancy Whiskey in Corktown, Detroit.

“It was one of the first venues that would book my Insurrection band because we had no previous band experience,” said Gerald. “Bars didn’t want to book me, but that bar would book me pretty regularly so I enjoyed that place for a really long time.”

Clarence (Cee) White has known Gerald his whole life. Not only his nephew, White has worked for Gerald professionally, filming and producing two music videos for Gerald’s N2U album with his company iDefine Progress, as well as filming live performances.

“It was amazing. I’d never worked with a band or anything related to blues, jazz or any instrumentation,” said White on working with Gerald. “It allowed me to really expand my creativity.”

White said being around Gerald’s studio, watching him work and hearing his sound was very inspiring.

“There’s not a lot of people who really have passion for music who are able to pursue it,” said White. “So it’s really refreshing and enlightening at the same time to watch someone go after what their heart is set on, and really see, from my standpoint, a master of their craft.”

Two to three years ago, Gerald officially went solo. He now tours all across the United States multiple times a year, lasting a few weeks on the road each tour.

“When he hits the stage, it is never a lackluster effort,” said White. “You’re going to get an experience every time he hits the stage, that’s for sure.”

Gerald’s N2U album will have eight original songs and two live covers. Gerald says the eight songs will best represent where he is in his creative journey at this time.

“I hope people will go with me on the journey of writing music that is coming from within me.”


Alyssa Leonard
By Alyssa Leonard January 12, 2018 12:27

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