BookFest takes on new opportunities by bringing in new local authors

Travis Conant
By Travis Conant October 20, 2017 14:02
Donato Mancini, writer and poet will be at this years BookFest. Photo by: Alan Bernheimer

Donato Mancini, writer and poet will be at this years BookFest. Photo by Alan Bernheimer

By Travis Conant

Windsor’s 16th annual BookFest is bringing new opportunities to local authors.

BookFest is a way to celebrate the work of Canadian authors’ in all forms of writing, whether it is poetry, non-fiction, horror or romance.

“This BookFest is about the conversation — what is Canadian literature going to look like in the future?” said Sarah Jarvis, Windsor BookFest chair. “We’re not just looking at the anniversary of the federation but we’re looking at what different voices will we be listening to in the future, what authors will we be reading in the future.”

Jarvis also said authors from previous years enjoyed it so much they wanted to come again and again. BookFest has changed scheduling this year so everyone can go to each panel without having to pick and choose what they want to go to.

“We’ve invited authors who have actually never been to BookFest. This year we really strived to give our audience different aspects to what’s going on,” said Jarvis.

Donato Mancini is a poet as well as a writer-in-residence at the University of Windsor. He has written eight books between 2005 and 2017, including Snowline (2015); Buffet World (2011); Fact ‘N’ Value (2011); 58 Free Coffees (2006); and his newest Same Diff (2017). Mancini is participating in this years BookFest.

“I think that Windsor so far seems to be a really great place to be a writer. I think people should take inspiration from the BookFest. I hope BookFest helps brings readers and writers together,” said Mancini.

Some local authors attending this year’s BookFest include Claire Holden Rothman, Sandra Kasturl, Warren Kinsella, Elise Levine and Linden Mancintyre.

Jarvis said she has a few ideas she wants to see done for the following years of Windsor’s BookFest. This includes a greater cooperation amongst the art groups and an office in Windsor.

“Not just to make it easier for us working from home, but also to give a bigger profile to the organization. It seems like a small thing, but it’s huge in terms of authors being able to find us and audiences being able to find us and develop new programs,” said Jarvis, “I also want to partner with literacy event groups as well.”

Windsor BookFest starts Oct. 20 and goes until Oct. 22. For more schedule information, locations and ticket prices visit

Travis Conant
By Travis Conant October 20, 2017 14:02

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