Border City Wrestling returns to Windsor

Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk October 16, 2017 12:07

By Kati Panasiuk

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Wrestling enthusiasts gathered for the opportunity to see big names perform at the St.Clair College Sportsplex on the weekend.

On Oct. 14, Border City Wrestling hosted a live event with more 1000 people in attendance. The biggest name of the night, WWE’s Rey Mysterio, made a guest appearance.

Chuck Fader, original co-founder of BCW, said he is still a fan and that this was a very special show.

“He (Rey) showed how classy of guy he is,” said Fader. “He didn’t have to meet with fans, but he did that and we are proud to have him.”

Fans cheered to the point of losing their voice and kids wore masks screaming for their wrestling idols. Wrestlers devoted time to meeting with the fans, giving Windsorites a full experience to remember.

Production manager Dan Rehel said the live event will be broadcasted to more 120 countries.

“The audience seems to be really happy with the end result,” said Rehel. “It is a great success overall.”

Mysterio and tag team partner Cody Deaner defeated wrestlers Kongo Kong and RJ City in the final match of the night.

Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk October 16, 2017 12:07

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