Canadian government considers menthol cigarette ban

Kurlis Mati
By Kurlis Mati February 3, 2017 13:53

By Kurlis Mati

Canada is trying to push forward with a ban on menthol cigarettes to reduce the number of young smokers.

The Canadian government sees menthol cigarettes as a gateway cigarette that starts many people’s addiction to smoking. According to The Huffington Post, in 2014, five per cent of cigarette sales in Canada were menthol cigarettes.

Although the ban on menthol cigarettes seems to be a positive change for many, some believe the ban is unnecessary.

Will Mckeen, an 18-year-old who first tried smoking tobacco when he was 11 says there is not a real need for this ban.

“This menthol ban only decreases the variety of tobacco on the market, punishing consenting adults,” said Mckeen.“There are already strategies in place that are trying to reduce the smoking population. There is no need to punish smokers by taking away that variety.”

Samantha Stanley, a 25-year-old on and off smoker, said cigarettes will stay around for a very long time and that smoking affects her life every day. She also says her son is her motivation to quit.

“They will never completely ban cigarettes because they make millions of dollars,” said Stanley. “I wish more people put their lives and health over these things.There’s a reason they’re called cancer sticks.”  

According to Bojan IIievski, a nurse at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, the use of menthol cigarettes is seeing an increase with teens. He said the ban on the cigarettes is a positive change.

“I think the ban on menthol is a great idea,” said IIievski. “It may help curb smoking, since menthol provides a minty taste that some smokers may only have a preference for.”

IIievski said there will be a decline in young smokers with this ban.

“It all goes with preference. Perhaps some teens only smoke menthol strictly due to the taste and may not even try regular cigarettes,” said Ilievski.

There are many ways to quit smoking such as smoking cessation counsel programs, nicotine patches and gums, online quitting programs and contests to quit provided by the Ontario government.


Kurlis Mati
By Kurlis Mati February 3, 2017 13:53

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