Provincial cannabis legislation passes

Millar Hill
By Millar Hill December 12, 2017 15:51

By Millar Hill

Pot smokers will soon be lighting up province wide.

New legislation, which passed today is designed to ensure a safe transition toward the legalization of recreational cannabis.

The law will come into effect by the July 2018 legislative deadline put in place by the federal government.

Minister of Finance Charles Sousa says the government’s approach will utilize the expertise and experience of the LCBO.

“Our approach to retail and distribution, will achieve the standards of public safety and social responsibility that the people of Ontario expect,” said Souse. “[This will] establish stand-alone stores and an online channel that will combat the illicit market, protect youth and achieve geographic distribution.”

Co-owner of Higher Limits, Windsor’s first and Canada’s largest cannabis lounge, Jon Liedtke says this is a significant step forward for the legalization of cannabis.

“Settling on a new piece of legislation that does get us closer towards the idealize world – where cannabis users or consumption isn’t stigmatized or discriminated against, is a good thing,” he said.

A public awareness campaign is expected to launch in the spring to increase awareness of Ontario’s rules following legalization.

Ontario’s Cannabis Act, 2017

This act created by the government will:

Create a new provincial retailer, overseen by the LCBO.

  • Dedicate approximately 150 stand-alone stores by 2020, including 40 stores by July 2018 which can increase to 80 stores the following year.
  • Users must be 19 years old to purchase, smoke and possess Cannabis in Ontario.
  • Ban the use of cannabis in public spaces –including workplaces and vehicles.
  • Establish tougher drug-impaired driving laws.


Millar Hill
By Millar Hill December 12, 2017 15:51

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