Christmas Movies That Deserve to Be Remembered

Kseniia Semenova
By Kseniia Semenova December 15, 2023 13:06

Christmas Movies That Deserve to Be Remembered

by Xenia Semenova

When it comes to the holidays, many people have great plans. And the toughest question is which movie to watch during the holiday break? There are many great movies that are forgotten, which bring joy and festive vibes. 

I have chosen five movies of different genres that I think you should enjoy this holiday. 

Die Hard 

Number one will go to the amazing first ever action superhero who was just a regular guy. He showed us that even a regular cop can save not just a whole building of hostages from a German gang but save Christmas! So, yes, the incredible Bruce Willis showed us that Christmas miracles can happen even in the hardest times when your life is on the wire. Fun fact in Ukrainian this movie is translated as Sturdy Nut and in Spanish it is A Chrystal’s Jungle. 

Four Rooms  

This one could become a new traditional Christmas movie! What can be cooler than celebrating Christmas in a hotel room? One of the greatest directors in the whole world Quentin Tarantino, tells us a story of concierge Ted who did not find his Christmas shift very exciting, but for viewers it’s wonderful trip in many minutes to last. The story centers around four different hotel rooms, where hilarious storylines happen, and you know what, at the end of the night Ted even got his bonus! And if you watch it till the end you will be proud to say that you have seen this amazing and unique director’s work. 


Did you know that in Germany, Christmas time is not just a time of the year, but is a magical, kind, and delightful holiday? In the beginning of December, people celebrate St. Nicolas day. Yes, he is Santa Clause. And it’s not just him who comes to kids. In Germany there also comes an evil spirit, who comes to people who do not believe in goodwill, kindness, and just are against the Christmas glorious spirit. This spirit is Krampus. It is a family movie, and I believe it deserves to be known and watched every year!

Borrowed Hearts  

Christmas is the time of the year when dreams need to come true. This movie features a young woman and her daughter, Christmas lay-offs, a rich man, another rich man, and some contrived family scenes. This is why it is called Borrowed Hearts, because it is about pretending to be a family for financial purposes. Of course, like every Christmas movie, it will surprise you with a very beautiful ending, with its own obstacles and struggles like trust, love and innocent belief in angels. This is an incredible movie to watch while decorating your Christmas tree and just to watch cuddling with your kids and friends and loved ones. 

Love Actually  

Should I describe this movie or is everything already in its name? This is the kind of movie you can rewatch dozens of times. It deserves to be watched all day long, not just because of the actor’s work, and great actors in this movie, but because of the feeling it gives. The atmosphere of the movie takes you to a wonderful snowy London where people, like everywhere in the world, have their life stories, have their own affections, affairs, dreams and endearment. the Christmas spirit possesses you while watching this movie. 

This time of the year, like another, needs to be miraculous and bring joy to everyone. 

You thank the movie industry for helping us to feel this holiday season and its delightful spirit! 

Happy Holidays! 

Kseniia Semenova
By Kseniia Semenova December 15, 2023 13:06

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