City considers new dog bylaw during extreme cold weather

Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk January 10, 2018 20:46

If it’s cold for you, it’s cold for your pet. Mediaplex file photo.

By Kati Panasiuk

A new bylaw adjustment is being considered by Windsor councilors for dogs tethered outside in the cold.

Melanie Coulter, executive director of the Windsor-Essex Humane Society, said they always encourage people to bring their dogs inside when it gets cold.

“The bylaw is something we are hopeful to work with the city on,” said Coulter. “To make sure it something enforceable and can protect the dogs.”

The current bylaw states that dogs can be tethered for four hours in a 24-hour period said Coulter.

“However, even if the dog is in a pen or backyard, which they are allowed to be, they are outside the tethering bylaw” said Coulter. “You still have issues with the cold.”

One city council member is trying to change the fact that dogs are left out in the cold.

Councillor Hilary Payne has been an active animal activist since he was elected and said he will be pursuing this as it moves along.

“I want to get the bylaw amended,” said Payne. “So people could not leave their dogs out for more than 15 minutes if Environment Canada issued a cold weather warning.”

City procedures are slow but Payne said this will not cost the city money as it is the enforcement of the Humane Society to ensure the bylaws for dogs are met.

City council has to agree to support the decision of the bylaw changes, but the paperwork is going to be sent to the administration for further investigation.

Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk January 10, 2018 20:46

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