City of Windsor’s summer jobs lottery open for 2018

Ioana Iota
By Ioana Iota December 4, 2017 13:39

By Ioana Iota

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The Human Resources Department announced that applications for the 2018 summer student lottery programs are available online.

The selection of students to be considered is based on a secured computer program that randomly draws applications for consideration.

Dan Iatonna, the Manager of Employment  Services says that this program being one that takes place each and every year, it gets a lot of students into it who apply.

“This is a program that runs every single year,” Iatonna tells The Mediaplex News. “We get between 100 and 120 or 30 students that apply. ”

Iatonna says to narrow down the pool of potential employees, the city uses a random draw of select candidates, including a variety of potential jobs depending on the department that they will be randomly selected for.

“What we do is is… we run a randomize program that picks the students randomly and what we do is listen to the departments and see how many people…. how many students the department requires,” Iatonna says.

You can access the city’s summer jobs page here.

Ioana Iota
By Ioana Iota December 4, 2017 13:39

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