Comedy Date Night at Wineology

Tejal Padam
By Tejal Padam May 13, 2024 13:42

Comedy Date Night at Wineology

A Wine, Dine and Laugh event was hosted at the Wineology on Thursday, May 9.

The event was an exclusive collaboration between the Wineology and the Windsor Comedy Club.

The evening started with wine tastings from local wineries and vineyards, and a hearty dinner, and was followed by a lineup of comedians from the Club. A special guest was also present for the evening.

Paul Montanier, a touring comedian with a lot of festival credits to his name, was also present and made a special performance along with the comedians at the event.

“I’m one of the owners of the club and I’ve been doing standup for 10 years now,” said Montanier. “We also do shows in Toronto, Thunder Bay and Essex County, and we do them almost every other weekend.”

“I absolutely love it. It’s one of the best choices of my life. Being able to make people laugh, in a room when there is tension, everyone has gone through something different, it’s just something that you have do it, said Isaac Molder, who was the opening comedian for the night. 

Tejal Padam
By Tejal Padam May 13, 2024 13:42

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