Cooked up, shook-up or looked up

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By The MediaPlex January 31, 2018 10:05

Cooked up, shook-up or looked up

with Bernard de Vaal

In “Cooked up, shook-up or looked up” I put the latest controversial stories from your newsfeed on the stand and interrogate them till they crack.

You wouldn’t want to get caught with a severe case of foot in mouth disease when showing off your scholarliness, now would you?

Episode One

On the stand today:

  • $240million spent on refrigerators for Air Force One
  • A-list celebrities speaking out against Obama, and
  • Indian farmers injecting fruits and vegetables with a dangerous prescription drug.

Episode Two

On the stand today:

  • Pluto reclassified as a major planet
  • Vaccines are causing Autism, and
  • Trump punishes NFL by revoking their non-profit status.

Episode Three

On the stand today:

  • The Church of the dark lord Lucifer opens in Colombia, South America.
  • A Good Old Party Candidate from Maine calls a Parkland school shooting survivor a skinhead and lesbian, and
  • Man kills a black bear in New Jersey while it was hibernating.

Episode Four

On the stand today:

  • A statue of a native American going up at the US embassy in Russia.
  • Swedish parliament rejects seven proposals for mandatory vaccinations.

Episode Five

On the stand today:

  • An alarming trend in people using insecticide to get high.
  • A quick lesson in online tools that help detect fake news and tips for self-checking
The MediaPlex
By The MediaPlex January 31, 2018 10:05

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