Downtown businesses anticipating big change with legalized pot

Kush Mendiratta
By Kush Mendiratta April 22, 2018 12:55

The Loose Goose in downtown Windsor. (Photo by Kush Mendiratta)

By Kush Mendiratta

Businsses in downtown Windsor are bracing for the legalization of recreational marijuana later this year.

“My shop has been here for 49 years. I have seen what lowering the drinking age did to downtown and how the crowd from Michigan and States come over during the weekend,” said Gerard Fahd of the Gentlemen’s Choice barber shop. “Honestly, I don’t think it’s gonna do much to help downtown business at all.”

He also says the business might grow for alcoholic establishments and bars during the weekend.

“I don’t think it’s gonna have a huge effect. Although, we will see it in time.”

Meanwhile, other business owners around downtown say legalization will mean a lot of changes.

“It’s going to be a tough road for border services,” predicted Christopher O’Keafe of the Loose Goose pub. “Police also have to adjust, according to the situation and manage the work especially, during the weekend. The hotels also have to manage their functioning with the influx. I am certain business will go up for lots of places in a positive way.”


Kush Mendiratta
By Kush Mendiratta April 22, 2018 12:55

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