Downtown Comedy Nite in Windsor attracts U.S. performers

Sreedha Varanasi
By Sreedha Varanasi October 7, 2017 09:25

Downtbeastro picown Windsor’s Villain Beastro is filled with laughter on a regular basis, ever since it started hosting Comedy Nite Live the first Thursday of every month.

The comedy night even attracts performers from across the river, according to Cassie Thornton, an employee of the Beastro.

“(The organizer) picks local comedians from the Detroit area and the Windsor area to come in and do a show for everyone the first Thursday of every month,” said Thornton.

Thornton also said the event and the performers have built up a local fan following.

One of the comedians, Matthew Ronholm, said he enjoys the event too.

“It’s just a fun time to hang out and see people perform, it’s just a fun time,” said Ronholm.

The Beastro describes itself as a “Viking-feeling, pub-looking rock n’ roll type place,” according to its Facebook page.

For a few laughs at Windsor’s own Comedy Nite Live, check out Villains Beastro on Pellisier Street.

Sreedha Varanasi
By Sreedha Varanasi October 7, 2017 09:25

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