Dreaming of a different December

Aidan Forsyth
By Aidan Forsyth December 8, 2023 13:15

by Amandeep Kaur

All things are decorated beautifully as Christmas comes near, more and more people are choosing to leave behind the cozy confines of their homes and planning to go on a Christmas adventure that promises to be as different as the snowflakes that fall in December.  

Families sit around maps in living rooms decorated with twinkling lights, their eyes bright with the promise of possibilities. So, the question is, where are we going to celebrate Christmas this year? Celebrating Christmas, a time when people get to be together and enjoy moments of their lives with family and friends. 

Some think they get a chance to meet their families who live far away, and I can say that this is the moment when people wait to come as soon as possible instead in the month of December.  

It is becoming a trend to explore places, not only for youngsters but also older residents, as many travel agencies have proper data to explain the ratio of tourism. 

By increasing the demand for holidays, travel is having a positive impact on the travel industry because it also opens the opportunities for jobs in the tourism industry.  

One of them, Sandeep Maini, 23-year-old, is a travel agent in Windsor. “According to a recent survey by Canadian Tourism Commission, an estimate of 2.5 million Canadians plan to travel abroad on this Christmas holidays. Most popular destination for the Canadian travelers during the Christmas holidays depends upon the region of Canada. However, some of the most popular destinations include Europe because European Christmas markets are the ones in Germany, Austria, Switzerland are popular for Canadian travelers.” said Maini. 

He also says the travel agents are facing a number of challenges in meeting the demand for holiday travel. That includes like staffing shortages. Many companies are understaffed because of the high volume of inquiries and bookings. The other would-be rising travel costs. The cost of travel has been increasing due to factors like raising gas prices and inflation. 

Many international students are also curious about the Christmas holidays as while doing any work they just missed their country and they are thinking when they get a chance to enjoy their happily life without doing any struggle, with stress-free mind because they don’t need to think about their study work or job. Just chill in their lives with the cheering moments. 

Daniel Johnson is a 31-year-old, who came from Colombia this year to study at the University of Windsor and works at the WFCU Centre. He said he is really excited to go back in his country.  

I saw the happiness in his eyes and tears of happiness. While he was doing a part time work still, he was talking with me about his plans to go home and imagining about eating new dishes which his mother usually made for him. He is fond of the sweet dishes his mother makes at home and while eating at restaurants. He does not get a chance to get a similar taste. You know just because of tastebuds, but I could understand his feeling because I’m also new in Windsor and it is my first time when I’m living alone without any family members around me although we talk with them over the phone. 

“I am going back home to Colombia,” Johnson said. “I will be with my family, and we are going to a country house. We have family dinner, it is normally turkey, my mom cooks and then we do like a gathering around the tree, and we open the presents.” 

“Besides meeting with my family, we are going to a farm that has a pool and I’m going to take my dog into the pool,” Johnson added.  

He also shared a childhood moment with me that when he was small, he believed that Santa was real, and his parents used to fool him and they would get him presents and he would get excited thinking that it was Santa, but it was really them. 

Joun Venegas, a 32-year-old, student of the IBM (International Business Management) course at St. Clair College of Windsor, Residence of United State of America has plans to celebrate Christmas holidays in his back home and while doing interview I noticed that he may face some difficulties to spend money to enjoy holidays. 

“Some of the challenges that international students face when planning to travel during the Christmas holidays include the high travelling cost, obtaining visas and finding affordable accommodations.” said Venegas. As well as he said international students often bring a perspective to their travel experience as they are able to compare and contrast different cultures and traditions. People can share their experiences by writing blogs, creating social media content, or giving presentations at their schools or university.  

Individuals have different point of views about their past experiences and future plans. There are some moments when I relate these moments with myself, but I cannot because I must understand the feelings of another persons but almost everyone is thinking to plan to go somewhere else instead living same palace where they are staying. People are glad to celebrate Christmas in Jackson Park as well as some are new in Windsor and they want to explore the biggest park in Windsor.  

By travelling people can also rejuvenate their mind and Christmas is one of the most important festivals to get into our surrounds.  

Aidan Forsyth
By Aidan Forsyth December 8, 2023 13:15

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