Easter egg hunting at the Chimczuk Museum

Elizabeth Remington
By Elizabeth Remington April 7, 2018 09:14

Ace Pogue is redeeming his egg for a prize at the Chimczuk Museum on March 31, 2018 (Photo by Elle Remington)

The second annual Easter egg hunt at the Chimczuk Museum last weekend gave children a chance to hunt for hidden eggs throughout a museum.

“I only found three eggs and if I give them to the front desk, I’ll get candy,” said egg hunter Ace Pogue.

He was one almost 100 visitors by one o’clock, according to museum staffer Nikolas Telford. They were expecting double that number in the afternoon.

“We’ve got lots of Easter eggs scattered around and the kids seem to be enjoying it.  So far, we’ve had lots of prizes given out,” Telford said, adding no matter how many eggs an enthusiastic child found, they were only eligible for two prizes, including stickers, pencils and candy treats.

“We’ve had one little girl who kept going back and found 11 or 12 Easter eggs,” Telford said.

There was an Easter theme in the Children’s Gallery with coloring, putting things together, playing the piano and exploring the gallery.

The admission price is $5.25 per adults and $4.25 for students with a cost of $15.25 per family.

The museum offers many free days throughout the year too.  The next event is Comic Book Day on May 6 when the museum partners with Adventure Bay and Rogue Gallery Comics.  Free comics are given out and people are encouraged to dress up as their favorite superhero.  Last year, more than 800 people attended and they expect greater numbers this year.

Elizabeth Remington
By Elizabeth Remington April 7, 2018 09:14

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