Elliott Cousins Capture OFSAA

Jessie Larouche
By Jessie Larouche December 1, 2023 12:36

Elliott Cousins Capture OFSAA

Kaylo Elliott (Left) and Keyanni Elliott (Right) days after winning OFSAA. (Photo by: Jessie Larouche)

by Jessie Larouche

A football team is often like a second family, and when that second family consists of actual blood relatives, you could just imagine how strong the bond can be.

For cousins Kaylo Elliott, 16, and Keyanni Elliott, 18, this was their first season as teammates.  

With Kaylo under center and Keyanni running the ball, the cousin duo anchored an explosive backfield that helped the Herman Green Griffins claim WECSSAA and OFSAA titles.  

“Thinking back on family reunions when we were kids playing football to now winning OFSAA together is crazy,” said Kaylo, quarterback. “It really is like a full circle moment.” 

Keyanni and Kaylo Elliott sharing a backfield during the OFSAA Championship. (Courtesy of Kaylo Elliott)

Starting off the year 0-2, the Herman team looked a lot different than how they finished. Not only were they not looked at as contenders, Keyanni wasn’t even a part of the Green Griffins. 

The 18 year old running back started off his year at Kennedy where things abruptly ended, resulting in him transferring to Herman. 

“I made a mistake and had to find a new team, I remember everyone telling me I was telling me I was making a mistake coming here,” said Keyanni on his transfer to Herman. “I knew the guys we had though, they wrote us off but we didn’t write back.” 

With the arrival of his cousin, Kaylo and Herman began to pick up steam. Sharing the backfield with family, Kaylo found a new level of comfort. 

“Man, having your cousin back there with you is amazing, there’s just a different level of trust,” said Kaylo. “I know he’s got my back, he knows I got his, not knocking anybody else or anything but when it’s your blood it’s just different.” 

The Elliott cousins were responsible for seven touchdowns in their three final post-season games. Three of which came in a come-from-behind victory against Holy Names, where the Griffins found themselves down by 17 before half. 

“I remember the exact moment, we were down by 17 and just fumbled the ball in our own territory, I was on the sideline worrying, I can’t lie,” said Kaylo. “But my brother Kiano came up to me and said don’t worry, your play makers are going to make plays. He was talking about Keyanni, next drive he had that long touchdown and everyone on the sideline just lit up.” 

Keyanni Elliott breaking free for a big gain. (Courtesy of Keyanni Elliott)

But when it came to OFSAA, the game was not as intense. Herman dominated their competition, beating them 35-0 to capture the OFSAA independent bowl. “I think that was our best game all year,” said Kaylo. “People knew it could possibly be their last game playing football, everyone on the field gave it their all and it showed.” 

Going into the future, the Elliott cousins hope to stay on the field as long as possible. 

“Queens, Windsor, Western I’m in talks with all them,” said Keyanni. “Going to university and playing football has always been a dream of mine.”  

“It all depends what happens in these next couple years.” said Kaylo, who’s in grade 11. “If I can get a scholarship and get education for free that’d be amazing, if not thenI have my academics to fall back on.” 

One thing is for sure, this season will be one the cousins will look back on for the rest of their lives. 

Kaylo Elliott lined up at Wide Receiver in the OFSAA Independent Bowl (Courtesy of Kaylo Elliott)

“Growing up you know we were at sleepovers together, family reunions and all that,” said Kaylo. “But this season just brought us so much closer and I just think it was really amazing.” 

Along with the cousins, both emphasized that they weren’t the only ones that got the job done by winning off. It was a team effort that couldn’t be done without everyone. 

“Man everyone pitched it. Tashon French-Robert, Bryce French, CJ Marson, Malachi Jackson, Donovan Osman, Kage Neff,” said the cousins. “That’s not it obviously but we can’t be naming the whole team here.” 

Jessie Larouche
By Jessie Larouche December 1, 2023 12:36

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