Exercise to improve your Immune System

Amos Johnson
By Amos Johnson January 12, 2018 12:00

Tia Nicoletti practices her performance at the Windsor Circus School (Photo By Amos Johnson).

By Amos Johnson

Exercise is beneficial to people’s health and while scientists cannot say for certain, it appears to be good for the immune system.

It is important for people to know 20 – 30 minutes of exercise is needed daily or every other day, depending on one’s lifestyle. Even if it only helps the immune system for a few hours, it is still better compared to someone who does not work out.

Nathan Astbury, 32, is a personal trainer for Optimal Health and Fitness who avoids smoking and drinking, goes to the gym five days a week and said he does not get sick. As well as getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night, Astbury is on a plant-based diet and includes meat in three to four meals a week.

“I like to have my complex carbs before my workouts, fast digestive carbs post-workout. It’s all based on your calories; you have to have the same amount of calorie consumption as much as you’re training,” said Astbury.

“There is evidence that you can over train, but there is also a huge calorie restriction…if you train too much with your calories too low, that is a sign of over training. Your body’s going to shut down eventually, after your body fat gets too low it starts breaking way down to the muscle.”

An unscientific study from Survey Monkey has discovered 61 per cent of people do not exercise or go to the gym, while 22 per cent get their exercise every other day.

Tia Nicoletti, 26, is the owner and an instructor for the Windsor Circus School. She eats meat, greens, lots of rice and has the occasional drink here and there, all while averaging six hours of sleep every night.

As an instructor, Nicoletti coaches several people on fitness and performance and said she occasionally gets sick due to the number of people and bodies she interacts with.

“When you go to work out you touch a lot of the same things that other people do. If you don’t wash your hands as frequently, I’m sure that could get you sick as well,” said Nicoletti.

“You go to the gym, six people touch that weight, well now you just touched another six people. If they decided to wipe their forehead after and touch the weight, now you add another type of body fluid in there.”

The best thing to keep a healthy immune system is to take care of your body by being physically active, sleeping well and eating right.

If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.

Amos Johnson
By Amos Johnson January 12, 2018 12:00

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