Feeding Windsor program providing five free meals a week for the needy

Amos Johnson
By Amos Johnson November 11, 2016 09:43

By Amos Johnson

The Feeding Windsor program is providing a free balanced dinner five nights a week for individuals in need.

The program provides dinners at several churches to help people who may be struggling with hunger, but welcomes anyone in.

Rodger Fordham is the program coordinator for Feeding Windsor and is a project of New Song Church.

“We feed about 15, 000 people a year, averaging between 75 and 100 people a meal,” said Fordham.

Fordham’s organization uses the kitchen at the AIDS committee building to prepare meals. The food is catered to the First Baptist Church on Tuesdays, the Ambassador Baptist Church on Wednesdays, the Redeemed Christian Church on Thursdays and the New Song Church on Fridays and Saturdays.

Anita Janisse is a member of the Ambassador Baptist Church and attends the meals there every Wednesday.

“Everybody is really friendly here, they welcome people with open arms,” said Janisse.

The program has plenty of volunteers with three to prepare the food and six other volunteers to serve food at the church. Fordham does not have a hard time finding volunteers since most have been with him since day one.

The churches are placed in areas with lower income families and post flyers around the area to help get the word out. Fordham believes that by having these dinners in a neighbourhood area it allows everyone at the church who live in the area to connect.

Dinner is served at 5 p.m. on selective days, to donate you can visit their website at feedingwindsor.ca. All donations over $10 will be issued a tax receipt.


Anita Janisse enjoys her meatballs and tortellini with salad at Ambassador Baptist Church.


Amos Johnson
By Amos Johnson November 11, 2016 09:43

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