Five finger discounts cause havoc for Windsor business owners

barry hazlehurst
By barry hazlehurst October 6, 2017 12:47

By Barry Hazlehurst

Windsor businesses owners continue to struggle with an increasing onslaught of shoplifters.

Businesses owners and their employees in Windsor have learned to spot shoplifters and their mannerisms. According to many shoplifters sell the goods they steal to feed a drug habit.

Nick Angelini, an employee at a record shop in Windsor for 11 years, said shoplifting is an ever-present part of the store.

“We have many cameras in here but people still try to steal in here all the time,” said Angelini. “Once they are caught shoplifting we give them two choices: either let us take their picture, so we can identify them if they try to return, or call the police. No one has chosen option B.”

Cathy Scott, a long-time employee at Red Apple, formerly the Bargain Shop, on Ouellette in Windsor also comes in contact with shoplifters on a regular basis.

“We have learned how to spot a potential shoplifter,” said Scott. “They look around the store and watch employees like a hawk to make sure they are not being watched.”

Scott said many shoplifters are obvious with big bulges in their clothing as well as coming in with loose fitting clothes that become tight as they exit.

Steve Betteridge, public information officer with the Windsor Police, said employees must be cautious when confronting shoplifters.

“Community safety should be the number one priority when chasing a fleeing shoplifter,” said Betteridge.

“It’s better to call us immediately with a detailed description as well as the direction the shoplifter fled.” Betteridge said it is always best to collect as much evidence as possible against shoplifters and to keep the safety of the community in mind.

According to the crime statistics page on there was 2850 thefts in 2016 under $5000. Most of the items shoplifted from stores are under $5000 in value.

barry hazlehurst
By barry hazlehurst October 6, 2017 12:47

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