Float therapy comes to Lakeshore

christina chibani
By christina chibani March 28, 2018 12:15

Float therapy comes to Lakeshore

Brandi Rivait poses for a picture inside of Float Lakeshore. (Photo by Christina Chibani)

By Christina Chibani

A new spa uses float pods to relieve people of stress and pain.

The grand opening of Float Lakeshore, the first float spa in Windsor, was March 2. It offers floating therapy which involves the individual floating in a pod filled with 41 per cent Epsom salt and water. Some use floating therapy for relaxation and meditation. Others use it to help muscle aches or body injuries.

Float Lakeshore has teamed up with Integrative Healing & Yoga, which gives individuals a one-stop place to experience full relaxation through healing arts by working with practitioners who offer holistic services.

Brandi Rivait, owner of Integrative Healing & Yoga, said it is one of the only complementary and alternative medicine studios in Windsor.

“Partnering with Float gives people a place to come in and treat it like a day-spa. Our business offers complete relaxation and a day of self-care,” said Rivait.

The float pods also have sensory deprivation shuttings out external stimuli and allowings individuals rest. The high concentration of Epsom salt helps individuals to float and allows the body to decompress.

Epsom salt also helps reduce pain in muscles, allows blood to flow easily and helps the immune system.

Char Philips is a yoga instructor at Float Lakeshore. He said the spa offers many different ways to relax such as the use of pods, yoga classes, holistic remedies and massage therapist.

“Having both the float spa and the healing yoga studio in one spot allows individuals to be able have a full relaxation experience,” said Philips.
Devon Dennis, 22, tried floating therapy for the first time.

“It really makes you feel like you are in the middle of an ocean alone and it just takes your body and mind to peace,” said Dennis.

Floating pods have become a new trend for wellness and a fun way to relax and relieve stress.

christina chibani
By christina chibani March 28, 2018 12:15

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