Ford Motor Company pleased with new investment

Julianna Bonnett
By Julianna Bonnett April 7, 2017 13:02


Steve Meloche at Ford Motor Company on April 5.

Steve Meloche at Ford Motor Company on April 5.

Many Windsorites are confident the new Ford Motor Company investment of $1.2 billion will provide work for generations to come.

According to the Windsor Star, Ford was expected to announce an investment of up to $600 million at its Windsor operation plants but instead unveiled a $1.2 billion plan to transform its local operations into an engine facility, also adding on new research and engineer jobs in other cities.

Steve Meloche,an engineer at Ford, said he could not be happier with the new investment.

“It’s giving a good future to me and a good future to younger generations. With the amount of decreasing work in Windsor this is something that we all needed,” said Meloche.

“I’ve been working here for 18 years and I’m excited to be working with this new contract and investment, it’s allowing me to forward my career and helps me see a brighter future for myself,” said Meloche.

According to Statistics Canada, Windsor unemployment rate has dropped in recent months.

Jim Johnmna, manager at Ford said the investment has added a positive vibe to the workplace.

“Since the investment deal went through and our contract is better than before, people seem to be a lot happier with coming into work. The atmosphere feels positive and joyful,” said Johnmna.

Johnmna said he thinks the announcement implies a positive future for the company and its employees.

“With Ford being one of the biggest motor companies in all of Canada, this was the perfect time and the best thing that could happen. I feel more relaxed at work and more relaxed at home knowing that my job will be stable and my career will be too,” said Johnmna.

The future of Ford’s engine operation was one of Unifor key contract demands during last fall’s labour negotiations.

Julianna Bonnett
By Julianna Bonnett April 7, 2017 13:02

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