Franco Angileri Designs

Dacotah Erwin
By Dacotah Erwin October 13, 2017 10:50

Franco Angileri Designs

Franco Angileri poses inside his store Franco Angileri Designs Ltd on Erie st. (Photo by Christina Chibani).

Franco Angileri poses inside his store Franco Angileri Designs Ltd on Erie st. (Photo by Christina Chibani).

By Christina Chibani

Thanks to a local designer with Italian roots, Windsor residents do not have to travel to Europe to purchase high-end designer brands and exclusive custom made designs.

Franco Angileri creates and designs his own clothing, along with selling other European and North American designers.

Angileri said he also has a good number of American customers and a broad demographic of people from different ethnicities.

It is a one-stop for tailoring, custom-made looks, exclusive fashion designs and high end quality material from all over the world at affordable prices.

“When I buy clothes, I don’t buy because I like it, I buy it because I know it is a hot thing and I know my clientele will like it. I know my clientele” said Angileri.

Angileri said keeping up with fashion trends and being up to date on what is in, is something that comes easy for him, which is why he carries the latest trends.

“I get people coming in asking for something like a hiphop look, all torn up, and the next moment, a formal tuxedo. I have done it all,” said Angileri.

Angileri also offers exclusive designs that can not be bought from anywhere else in Windsor. For example, while the brand Point Zero can be bought from The Bay, Angileri offers exclusive clothing from Point Zero boutique not found at The Bay.

According to Statistics Canada, Ontario has the highest number of active businesses in retail. Moreover, studies have shown that entrepreneurs with education and experience have an 80 per cent to 90 per cent chance of success.

Catherine Valle wore her custom made dress from Angileri to the national finals of Miss Universe Canada 2015. The event took place in Toronto and was broadcast worldwide.

“When we first started collaborating on this dress I had a few elements in mind. From there Franco knew exactly what material I needed to have enough structure but still flow and move on the stage as I walked. He chose a high quality silk and let me choose the colours,” said Valle.

Angileri said customers will come to him with a picture of an outfit they want and he will produce it with a twist of his own style.

“The process of working with Franco was the best I’ve ever experienced. His entire team is so talented and their attention to detail is the best in the business. Franco has the amazing ability to design a dress that flatters all of your favourite features,” said Valle.

From Paris designer, Leo and Ugo, to Montreal designer, Au Noir, Frano Angileri Designs has something for all ages, ethnicities and genders. Angileri has been in business on Erie St. E for more than 17 years.

Dacotah Erwin
By Dacotah Erwin October 13, 2017 10:50

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