Ganatchio Trail receives 2,200 more trees for Earth Day

Laurie Makulski Harrison
By Laurie Makulski Harrison April 28, 2018 15:34

Ganatchio Trail tree planting April 22. (Photo by Laurie Harrison)

By Laurie  Harrison (a.k.a. the organizer of the Ganatchio Trail cleanup)

On the heels of an environmental cleanup, Ganatchio Trail will be a little cleaner and a little greener this year with the addition of 2,200 more trees.

Approximately 1,000 volunteers showed up the morning of April 22, ready to get dirty, plant trees and appreciate Mother Earth.

Earth Day is a day to remember the importance of our natural resources through demonstrations and activities aimed at conserving, restoring, developing and maintaining these resources.

Started in 1970 on April 22, Earth Day is now a global event each year.

“We believe that more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world,” according to

The Earth Day Network set a goal in 2010 to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020 — one for every person on the planet.

According to Mayor Drew Dilkens, the 2,200 trees planted Saturday along Ganatchio Trail brought Canadians a little closer to reaching our goal of 35 million trees planted by 2020  — one for every Canadian.

Among the activities in Essex County this year were: electronic recycling drop-offs, tree plantings and environmental cleanups along River Canard, Point Pelee and Ganatchio Trail.

The majority of litter picked up at the cleanup along the Ganatchio Trail were plastic water bottles, coffee cup lids and other plastic items, which connects with his year’s Earth Day theme: end plastic pollution.

According to, the goals this year are to end single-use plastics, promote alternatives to fossil fuel-based materials, promote 100 per cent recycling of plastics, corporate and government accountability and change human behavior concerning plastics.

In keeping with the worldwide theme, the City of Windsor hosted Earth Day at Malden Park once again with this year’s theme “Crushing Plastics.”

If interested in hosting your own environmental cleanup in Windsor next April, contract 311 to take part in the City of Windsor’s Clean Sweep Initiative. You will receive both support and supplies from ERCA and the City of Windsor to host your own cleanup.

Laurie Makulski Harrison
By Laurie Makulski Harrison April 28, 2018 15:34

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