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Alyssa Leonard
By Alyssa Leonard February 23, 2018 13:22
Cosplayers Ben Grondin, (Wolverine), and George Desrosiers, (Rocket Raccoon), having fun at Action Windsor.

Cosplayers Ben Grondin, (Wolverine), and George Desrosiers, (Rocket Raccoon), having fun at Action Windsor (Photo by Ryan Percy).

By Alyssa Leonard

Hundreds of comic book fans and families from Windsor-Essex spent a day immersed in comic books, cosplay, videogames, horror, panels, artists and merchandise.

Action Windsor, a local pop culture event, was held at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts on Feb. 18.

Jolie Inthavong has been running pop culture events in Windsor for four years now. She said it makes her happy to see everyone enjoying what they love.

“I love the way it makes people feel. Comics, horror, just being in a room celebrating all the things that we guiltily or unabashedly love and being in a room all together doing it,” said Inthavong. “You can feel the energy in the room and that is something that I really feed on and it makes me super happy.”

Among the guests was Tony Isabella, the artist and creator of Black Lightning, DC Comics’ first black superhero.

“He came all the way from Ohio to meet his Canadian fans,” said Inthavong. “Unbeknownst to me, he hasn’t been out of his country in 30 years. With the success of Black Lightning on the CW, he’s starting to realize that he has fans outside of the United States and that they all want to meet him.”

Cosplaying, or costume play, is a big part of these events, with fans of all ages joining in. James Boulter grew up with an interest in special effects and monster costumes and his love of cosplay bloomed from there. He said he has been to conventions all over Ontario and even works as the cosplay director for London Comic-con.

Boulter came dressed in his Deadpool costume. He said his favourite part about Action Windsor was getting pictures with people.

“It’s great when the kids run up and they’re like ‘Deadpool!’ It’s just great being a hero to little kids,” said Boulter.

Inthavong said she hopes Action Windsor will be able to return in 2019, but until then fans can catch more of the action on the Comic Book Syndicate TV show online or weekly on YourTV cable 11.

It has never been a better time to be a nerd. With major film releases like Wonder Woman and Black Panther, and the continuing popularity of television’s The Big Bang Theory, the whole family is getting in on the fun. Action Windsor organizers say a record number of family passes were sold this year and they look forward to attracting all ages at future events.

Alyssa Leonard
By Alyssa Leonard February 23, 2018 13:22

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