Windsor’s Salvation Army giving back to the community

Kush Mendiratta
By Kush Mendiratta April 7, 2018 11:42

The Salvation Army of Windsor received $5,000 from the Rotary Club this week, money that will help provide hot and nutritious meals four days a week to needy people.

“The Salvation Army has been feeding the poor for over 20 years now. In April, we started providing meals, four days a week. The Rotary Club 1918 brought us a great contribution that would help us for next 2 or 3 months,” said Major Paul Rideout.

He said the recent rise in minimum wage has had major influence on costs for products and services and people living on assistance have been affected the most. With the rise in rents for the housing, people had been pushed to compromise on their diet to compensate.

“The first and second night had 80-90 people coming in,” Rideout said. As the days pass, there has been increase in the number of people.

He also said the Salvation Army is looking for more sponsors to finance the meal program for the long-term.

If you wish to contribute or volunteer, you can call 519-2537473 ext 227.


Kush Mendiratta
By Kush Mendiratta April 7, 2018 11:42

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