Heat Seeker hot sauce festival gets spicy

Rakesh Bhakar
By Rakesh Bhakar May 13, 2024 13:50

The Heat seeker Hot Sauce festival in Windsor, Ontario, is a unique event featuring around 20 hot sauce creators from southwestern Ontario.

It was a scene of spicy enjoyment at the downtown Windsor Farmers market over the weekend. 

The organizer of the festival is Christie Denomme, this is 2nd year of this event there are more than 20 hot sauce makers from across Ontario joining us here today. They have, sauces ranging from mild to wild as far as heat goes. And they have a whole bunch of different flavor profiles. in this event  you can sample well over 100 sauces.

It was an opportunity for hot sauce fans in Windsor Essex country to taste, purchase, and engage with makers while enjoying food, drinks, and music. 

If you missed it, you have to wait until next year when you can come just to feel the heat on your tongue or buy your favorite sauce. 




Rakesh Bhakar
By Rakesh Bhakar May 13, 2024 13:50

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