International students wanting to stay in Canada, say St. Clair College advisors

Shubhangana Vishwanathan
By Shubhangana Vishwanathan October 7, 2017 07:06



International students at St. Clair College’s MediaPlex, located in downtown Windsor, Ont.

Many of those international students St. Clair College accepted this fall will want to stay in Canada after their studies and they will be looking to college staff for help.

“I have never seen a student who wanting to go back unless for a family or health situation. Ninety-nine per cent will be staying here,” said Vinay Katikala, an international admissions officer.

Canada has been a new choice for more international students in recent years, with heavy recruitment from colleges and universities. St. Clair College brought in a record number this fall – 1,100 international students.

“It was a bumper intake this year. We have doubled the intake (over) last year,” said Rinky Pathak, an international student advisor, adding the students – especially those from India – like the Canadian atmosphere and the working space which gives them a strong reason to stay here.

International student visa permits to work for few hours per week can bring them good pocket money and is sometimes necessary to cover unexpected extra expenses.

The college organizes job fairs for students and will guide them in how to secure a work permit, but it doesn’t arrange for jobs.

“Most of the international students are skilled,” said Katikala, adding the Genesis Centre helps students build their resume, and staff give them advice on getting part-time and full-time jobs.

“You have to get through hardships to achieve your goal,” said Sean Thomas, a student in liberal arts at St. Clair College. He hopes to earn a master’s degree in Canada and work here.

He said, in the meantime, it’s not easy getting part-time work. Sometimes companies don’t call back and, other times, the available jobs are not appealing.

St. Clair College has an employment office at Round House Centre where students can seek advice on employment.

Shubhangana Vishwanathan
By Shubhangana Vishwanathan October 7, 2017 07:06

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