Lifestyle Roundup

Ryan Jones
By Ryan Jones December 1, 2017 12:53

Lifestyle Roundup

By Ryan Jones


In this week’s lifestyle roundup, explore Windsor’s food industry, discover a new Canadian beauty product and look into a new form of diet.


WindsorEats gets noticed

WindsorEats has won Small or Medium Sized Business of the Year at this year’s Tourism Industry Association of Canada Tourism Conference held in Gatineau, Quebec. The award is given to businesses who have shown all-around business excellence.


The business was established in 2004 and is a food and drink guide for the Windsor-Essex area. Their main focal points are locally-owned eateries, wineries, farms and culinary businesses.


Check out, to find inspiration for your next meal.


New Canadian beauty brand

A new brand has entered the Canadian beauty industry.


Being by Sanctuary Spa focuses on delicious smells to capture the interest of millennials and will be exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart.


The beauty brand includes body lotions, fragrances and scrubs with scents ranging from hibiscus and coconut, salted caramel macadamia and cloudberry lychee. All their products are infused with shea and mango butter to produce smooth skin.


Being by Sanctuary Spa is not tested on animals. Check out your local Shoppers Drug Mart to see the product.


Bringing back the Palaeolithic days

There are many diet options out there. One that has become a prominent trend is the Paleo diet which is inspired from our hunter-gatherer ancestors.


The main goal for this diet is to rid people’s meals of processed food and focus on the consumption of nuts, seeds, oil and grass-fed meat. Common food products will include eggs, fruit and veggies.


This type of diet purportedly promotes weight loss and increases a person’s energy.


Health quote of the week:

“Meditation is such a powerful technique that,  after only eight weeks, the brain’s structure changes.” – Psy Blog 2013


This week’s must-buy beauty product:

Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask (found at your local Walmart)

Ryan Jones
By Ryan Jones December 1, 2017 12:53

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