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Kurlis Mati
By Kurlis Mati October 6, 2017 12:25
Matthew Luppino showing off his many awards in Windsor on Sept. 26,2017

Matthew Luppino showing off his many awards in Windsor on Sept. 26,2017 (Photo By Julianna Bonnett).

By Kurlis Mati

As Windsor’s art community continues to grow, more people are finding a passion for local filmmaking.

Many have reached their dreams and made a name for themselves outside of the city in places like Los Angeles and Toronto.

Vy Nguyen, a local filmmaker and associate with the Windsor International Film Festival said there is a steady improvement in the number of people who are interested in film in Windsor. Nguyen said she is happy with her personal growth throughout her filmmaking experiences.

“I’ve met so many people that I’ve enjoyed working with and learning from. I think my sense of initiative has also vastly improved,” said Nguyen. “I am always talking to local filmmakers just to see what they have lined up and offer help when I can.”

Nguyen said Windsor is more difficult compared to places such as Vancouver and Toronto.  

Windsor has an increasing number of events revolving around film such as the Windsor International Film Festival. Some filmmakers from the Windsor area take their films to other international film fests and even win awards.

Matthew Luppino, a 22-year-old local filmmaker of films such as A Blink of an Eye and recently the short film True Colours, said he comes up with a lot of his ideas because he is a lucid dreamer.

“I actually get my best ideas when I am asleep,” said Luppino. “I have a dream journal and I write down all my dreams. If I can’t think of an ending (for a film) or where the film is going, I go to sleep and figure it out in my sleep.”

Luppino said he started making films when he was around 16 or 17 years old and his 12 movies have earned him eight international awards.

With many films there is an extensive crew needed to put on the production.

Phil Bakos, a stagehand, said he helped Luppino on various films.    

“I’ve helped Matthew a few times as basically just another hand on set because most of the times it was just him basically doing everything,” said Bakos.

The Windsor International Film Festival starts on Oct. 30 and ends on Nov. 5 and is hosted at the Capitol Theater and St. Clair Centre of the Arts.

Kurlis Mati
By Kurlis Mati October 6, 2017 12:25

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