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By The MediaPlex October 21, 2012 21:27

Living Library

by Sean Previl

A local gay rights group is using a play to pass on a message to youth:  they have a future ahead of them.

The play A Living Library has finished its performances put on by Windsor Pride’s 50 Plus Proud, a group that advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered adults over 50.

“It’s a taste of the past, it is a feel for the present and an insight for the future,” said the play’s director, Chris Rabideau.

The production was put together over six weeks starting at the end of August using stories from more than 60 people.

“We recorded all those thoughts and in five days we created a show together,” said Rabideau. “A democratic process that not only engages them, enlightens them, but allows them to be full part of the process from the very beginning.”

Actor and co-founder of 50 Plus Proud Linda Young said the presentation’s purpose was to reach out to the new generation of LGBT youth.

The show is meant to help both homosexual and heterosexual youth who are facing bullying by telling the stories of friends they have lost.

“We want them to see what we went through, because we want to make their journey a little bit easier,” said Young. “If you have a problem with someone accepting you, talk to somebody, please don’t do harm to yourself.”

A Living Library is being made into a documentary to reach youth both in Windsor and outside the city as well. Eva Kratochvil,  who also acted in the play, said she has an expectation for what youth will learn from the film.

“They have a history, and they can be proud of it. There’s a reason why it’s called pride,” said Kratochvil.

The cast answered questions after each show to get the audience’s thoughts on the performances and give their own opinions about what they’re trying to present.

“Please be who you are, love who you want to love, do all the things that are within your heart, you will get through it. We are here to show you the way,” said Young.

For more information about Windsor Pride, visit

The MediaPlex
By The MediaPlex October 21, 2012 21:27

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