Local entrepreneur starts young

Tate Harris
By Tate Harris December 15, 2017 15:00

A local entrepreneur is continuing to use the skills he learned in his teens to find success in the night-life business.

Andrew Corbett, 28, started a company called Corbett Productions at the age of 14. Corbett had an interest in music and entertaining people inspiring him to become a DJ. He would DJ for school dances and worked for Jammin’ Joe’s DJ Services. While working for Jammin’ Joe’s, he had so many requests it influenced him to join the business world.

“It was kind of forced on me to turn it to a business because of the demand,” said Corbett. “I started playing a couple of school dances and that turned into people requesting me and calling me to do their own events.”

Corbett said his company quickly grew and was doing about 250 shows a year.

“I had no idea what a tax return was when I was 16 years old and I had this really busy DJ company,” said Corbett. “There’s definitely a lot of lessons I learned in my very young years through trial and error that help set me up for growth and success after that.”

Corbett partnered with Christian and Matt Komsa to open his first restaurant, The Bull and Barrel. Corbett said the marketing and promotion of the teen dances helped him find success with his restaurants. The restaurants became the main focus for Corbett, resulting in a sale of Corbett Productions.

“I was super busy with Bull and Barrel and at that time opening Level 3 (a local nightclub). My attention was basically sidetracked to those businesses and Corbett Productions was suffering because of it,” said Corbett.

Corbett Productions was sold in 2014 to International Entertainment Network Inc. IEN has provided services to Caesars Windsor since 1998.

Now, Corbett is involved as a partner with six different venues. The Bull and Barrel has opened a second location in London, Ont. Corbett said opening a second location is the first step in franchising the business. His success is not going unrecognized as he has been a speaker for the Las Vegas Nightclub and Bar Show three years running.

Michal Bronkowski, who has worked for Corbett since his first company, credits self-motivation and self-discipline as the leading factors of Corbett’s success. Bronkowski, who has started his own tennis company, is inspired by Corbett.

“It’s really fascinating to see somebody young and pretty much like your family who you can look up to and be inspired by,” said Bronkowski.

Corbett is currently working on new projects but said the details remain a secret for now. He is excited about his future endeavors.

Michal Bronkowski at his home bar. Photo By Tate Harris

Tate Harris
By Tate Harris December 15, 2017 15:00

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