Local filmmakers showcased at WIFF

Kameron Chausse
By Kameron Chausse November 6, 2015 13:32

Local filmmakers showcased at WIFF

Kameron Chausse


Nov 4 2015
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[Writer and director Maria Cusumano acts as the master of ceremonies at the 48 Hour Flick Fest at the Capitol Theatre on Nov 3.]

by: Kameron Chausse

The Windsor International Film Festival  annual 48 Hour Flick Fest was held on Tuesday, Nov 3, an event open to local filmmakers that showcases local talent, creativity, and ingenuity, all under a strict time limit.

As the name implies, the 48 Hour Flick Fest is a cinematic challenge where a group must create a short film in less than 48 hours. The organizers also set certain specific restrictions and requirements participants to include specific prop or line of dialogue to ensure a group cannot submit a film made outside of those 48 hours.

Each film is reviewed by a panel of three judges, and awards were announced after the screenings on Nov 3. The award for best sound was awarded to From Within by Uncanny Visions. Best editing to Private Inspectors by That Darn Squirrell!, Best Story went to Two Do Today by As We Like It. Bob Frapples or How to Travel on Government Dime by Smog Town Films took home the award for best cinematography, and its director Ken Amlin received the award for best director. The award for best acting went to Dan Hyatt for his role in in Halowe’en Special by 23skidoo!, which also won best film.

“We’ve been doing it for 7 years. It’s fun every time. You don’t get a lot of sleep but it really pushes you to do something in such a short period of time,” said Kyle Van Dongen, who wrote and directed From Within. “It’s easy to get lazy through the year so this is really good motivation to get something done. This year was standout, start to finish.”

In total, eight films with varying genres and storylines were shown at this year’s Flick Fest. The main organizer of the 48 Hour Flick Fest, Svjetlana Oppen, said she was pleased with this year’s showing.

“We always have teams that have a great time, they tell us. It’s tiring, it’s exhausting, but they come up with amazing films in 48 hours,” said Oppen. “ We always hope to expand and popularize it because it’s challenging, but people who didn’t do it say ‘Oh my God, I should have done it’ when they come and see [the end result].”

The 48 Hour Flick Fest has been part of WIFF for nine years with this year being Oppen’s first at the helm. After this year’s success she is already making plans for next year’s 10-year anniversary of the program.

“When the Flick Fest started nine years ago, it was a group of local filmmakers that wanted to showcase local talent,” Oppen said. “I’d like to bring the originals back and I’d like to bring the films of winners from different years, to showcase and give props to filmmakers who come back every year… I’ll have a year to work on that.”

Oppen shouldn’t have any trouble showcasing local talent. Those interested in participating in future 48 Hour Flick Fests can find more information at windsorfilmfestival.com/48-hour-flick-fest/ and at facebook.com/48hff.


Kameron Chausse
By Kameron Chausse November 6, 2015 13:32

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