Local mosque aims to clear misconceptions about Islam

Larissa Veloso
By Larissa Veloso March 31, 2017 11:30
Imam Inamur Rahman in the prayer room at the Bait-Ul-Ehsaan mosque. Photo by Larissa Veloso

Imam Inamur Rahman in the prayer room at the Bait-Ul-Ehsaan mosque. Photo by Larissa Veloso

By Larissa Veloso

The Bait-Ul-Ehsaan mosque opens its doors to anyone who wants to talk about the Islamic religion.

Since January they have being holding a session every Wednesday called Coffee, Cake and Islam, where the goal is to explain the religion.

“The purpose of this program is to come together in a friendly atmosphere, socialize with each other and learn about Islam,” said Aleem Khan, mosque president. “If people have any misconceptions, doubts or questions, we can discuss and share in a civilized way.”

This idea came from events in cities across the United States, starting in California three years ago. Today, there are sessions being held in Detroit, New York, Seattle and other places. Often called Coffee, Cake and True Islam, the meetings are open to both Muslims and people of other religions.

“When we don’t know about other people we may have some fear, and we don’t know what to think about them,” said Khan. “So to help people learn we do different programs and invite people to come and know who we are and what we do.”

So far, four local people have attended the meetings. The concern over past terrorist attacks and their links with the Islam has already been a topic of conversation.

“Different people have come. Muslims and Christians to ask about our religion, about the jihad and similar topics,” said Inamur Rahman, an Imam, a religious leader at the mosque. “One guy came and asked what are we doing to clear the misconception about Islam.”

Khan and Rahman hope to attract more people to future sessions. They believe that conversations around good food and a cup of hot coffee will help bring a better understanding about what being Islamic means.

“In Windsor we have a mixed reaction,” said Khan. “Some people who have Muslim friends are open, but some people who learn only from some TV outlets have a misconception that Islam is a religion of terror made to kill Jews or Christians that oppresses women. These are all misconceptions.”

The Bait-Ul-Ehsaan mosque is located at 1957 Head Ave. in Windsor and also holds open house events for those who want to know about the mosque’s activities.

Larissa Veloso
By Larissa Veloso March 31, 2017 11:30

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