Local non-profit to employ the forgotten

Jessica Kapasi
By Jessica Kapasi March 3, 2017 14:38

Local non-profit to employ the forgotten

The entrance of The Downtown Mission. Photo by Noah Gecelosky

The entrance of The Downtown Mission. Photo by Noah Gecelosky

By Jessica Kapasi


The Downtown Mission is looking to provide jobs and skill building opportunities to the homeless in Windsor.

The Do-Good Deli is a restaurant and it is one of two social enterprise programs run by The Downtown Mission. The restaurant will provide food service training such as cooking and serving food to those looking for job opportunities. The mission will accept referrals from other agencies and interview potential participants.

“They go through a six- week program where they develop skills such as resume writing, interviewing, how to fill out a job application, people skills and onsite training for culinary service, said Fiona Coughlin director of development for the mission. “After the six weeks they have a list to choose from where they want to work.”

Donors from the Windsor- Essex community will help supply the Do-Good Deli with funding and food. One such supplier is Fresh, a food rescue company that donates all unused food to 42 different food banks and schools and community services.They have been The Downtown Missions’ food supplier for over five years.

“We don’t turn people away,” said Dorothy Davis, chairman of The Downtown Mission. “If people with mental health problems and addiction want to change their lives for the better, we work closely with them. It’s hard to fail.”

Executive Director, Ron Dunn, along with several members of the Board of Directors for the mission worked together to come up with the Do-Good Deli.

“I think this is a fantastic opportunity for people. Unemployment is high in Windsor”, said Davis. “Some guests at the mission have difficulty getting hired, so this opportunity prepares them for that.”

The Do-Good Deli will officially open in late March and will be accepting applications as soon as possible.


Jessica Kapasi
By Jessica Kapasi March 3, 2017 14:38

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