Local online bakeshop aims to fill the gluten-free gap in Windsor

Alyssa Leonard
By Alyssa Leonard December 8, 2017 12:46

By Donna Ntumba

After discovering she was gluten intolerant, Kaylee Lett says she has had difficulty finding
options for homemade gluten-free products.

That is when she and her mother, Sue Taranto, began baking from their home kitchen in LaSalle
and soon started an online business called Forgot the Flour to sell their gluten-free and vegan
products to the public.

Since opening in March, Forgot the Flour has become a supplier to a local café and is offering
the general public custom orders and delivery service of their goods.
The mother-daughter duo say brownies and vegan chocolate chip muffins are their most popular

The business offers catering services and has so far provided a luncheon, supplied a hot lunch for
an insurance company and provided their products for a baby shower.

“We would like to supply more and more cafes and stores” says Taranto.

Shway Shway Café is the first place Forgot The Flour started supplying with their products.
According to Taranto, a possible store front location for their business is in the works.
The health board certified business was inspired by Taranto wanting to help her daughter find
more gluten-free options.

“We were buying all kinds of gluten-free products and she never complained, then one day I
tasted it and said ‘this stuff is really, really bad… you should have said something,'” says Taranto.

The two started baking and cooking their own food and shared it with co-workers, one of whom
was also gluten intolerant. The encouragement and support from friends and family helped kick-
start their new business.

Since their business launch, they say the feedback and good-natured relationship from customers
has been great.

“We love our customers, they are so supportive and attend all our market events,” says Lett.

Orders for the bakeshop can be placed through their website, email or Facebook page. Custom
orders are also accepted. Visit their website at www.forgottheflourwindsor.com for more

Alyssa Leonard
By Alyssa Leonard December 8, 2017 12:46

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